Harrassment by Telemarketers

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4 Responses

  1. Cuckoo says:

    Oh this is so common in India and when asked where from they get our tel no., they have only one answer… we have it in our database.

    BTW, your nephew’s photo is very apt. 😀

  2. YesBut says:

    Do you have debts?
    What mobile phone company are you with?
    Who supplies your electrical power?

    The calls normally occur at 05:00pm and invariably come from a call centre located in India.

    I normally say, let me fetch the person who owns the house to talk to you,then put down the phone.

    Or I ask them are they in debt?

  3. ozlady says:

    Cuckoo – yes we get the same response.

    Yesbut – I usually use the tactic where I ask for their mobile phone number so I can call them back. If they say that they don’t hand that out, I then ask them how they think I feel.

    I did have a massive argument once, when a telemarketer called our company to speak to the boss of the organisation about an investment opportunity. I asked if the boss knew them (the boss is my husband). They said no, but it was an opportunity that he’d be interested in. I said that I’d take their number and he could call them back if he was interested. She wasn’t happy with that, and it basically got to the point where I said “look sister – leave your number and if you’re lucky he’ll call you”. She said I was rude and asked to speak to the personnel manager – I said “speaking!”

    She called back 3 times in the space of 5 minutes after that – turns out she was selling investment property. :p

  4. Joanna says:

    Thanks for publishing this.