Bitten by the Unclutter Bug [Own Less, Smile More]

Lately we’ve been dealing with a lot financially and from a business perspective, and I’m trying to get rid of high interest debt and be more effective in a number of different places in my life so that I can really get started on a PhD.

I’ve been following a series on the Simple Mom blog called ‘How to be Disorganized and Unproductive‘ and Step number 3 has been ringing true with me both from a productive standpoint, as well as enlightening me on how frugality is something that is desirable.

Now this might seem a little odd coming from me. Mum, Dad – don’t laugh. If you click through to the article above the first picture looks something like my old bedroom (from childhood) and my study (from about six months ago). I’m a terrible mess and a bit of a hoarder. I love gadgets as well. Fortunately my budget doesn’t allow me to accumulate too many of them.

However I have started reducing the paper and possession mess for two reasons:

  1. To stop DH from nagging me
    Let’s face it – who likes to be nagged?
  2. It’s surprisingly freeing
    Not having to search through mounds of stuff to find anything is great! Or to not feel all that stuff just sapping away your life force (and it does – sit in a room of clutter and just feel your motivation ebb) – a real WOW moment for me.

This is a series of before photos from our study:

Our Messy Study

Now it’s nowhere near perfect, but we have some decided improvements:

Our Study (After)

There is one corner that has a few piles of paper in it (which of course I’m not going to photograph til it’s cleared), but compared to the mess before, I’ve thrown so much out (and made use of a scanner to deal with the volumes of paper that I had on hand).

Feeling better already 😀

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