Grossly Disappointed – Management Consulting

‘The contribution I make to a client is basically to be very stupid and very dense; ask simple, fundamental questions; demand that he be thoughtful with the answers; and demand that he makes decisions on what is important. I feel very strongly that a client who leaves my office feeling that he has learned a lot that he didn’t know before is a stupid client; either that, or I haven’t done my job. He should leave the office saying: ‘I know all this—but why haven’t I done anything about it?’

– Peter Drucker (b. 1909), father of modern management thinking

These last few weeks, Dearest and I have been filling in questionaires with a management consultant.

I do consulting – I know that we can offer value to clients, and I seriously believed that we had stumbled upon someone who could approach our business with the same belief that we have. We need help in focusing – and we were on the path to seeking the help that we need.

Or so I believed.

The assessment came back and the Peter Drucker quotation above kicked in – we knew most of it – except our problem is not why we haven’t done anything about it, but rather how can we do something about it, and where can we find the time?

Unfortunately what we ended up with on the second page of the proposal was a lot of MBA-regurgitation from someone who sounded like they had just polished the dust off their MBA and wanted to track the verbage out in front of someone. They wanted to charge us $600 for a meeting (a single meeting), to determine a course of action.


For one meeting!!!

And we should pay this based on two paragraphs ???? (The proposal length was a grand total of 6 paragraphs)

You mad or what???

*end of dummy spit*

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