6 Tips For Changing Your Hair Style [Girl Stuff Life Hack]

I’ve hated my hair most of my life. When it was long it was too thin and dry and ended up flopping down the side of my head like a wet mop. Whenever I layered it, it went all wispy and flyaway, and sometimes I’d look like some weird science experiment (you know the one with the electro-static ball that you put your hand on and your hair stands on end).

I have fine hair and a square jaw, and I’ve struggled with a look for ages, and been terrified of hairdressers as a result (which has probably not helped, as my hair would then get split ends and I’d look shaggier than cousin It’s sister).

This year has been something of a fashion epiphany for me, and I’ve discovered a number of things about hair:

  1. Know your face shape
    I have a square jaw and read that I should avoid hair that stops at the jawline or has layers that end around the jaw. Also, avoid a centre parting. Knowing that, I could then go for something that followed this sort of guide.
  2. Know your hair
    I wanted to get a perm last year. The flat mop look was driving me crazy, so I wanted some body. But I also didn’t want tight curls (did that when I was 16 and regretted being a 16-year-old-brunette-shirley-temple for 2 years). Fortunately my hairdresser told me I’d be wasting my money and my hair – I have fine hair, but a fair amount of it. A body wave perm would have fallen out in a few weeks and set me back a couple of hundred dollars. The hair equivalent of a car wreck was avoided, and I looked at other options.
  3. Look for inspiration
    Google images came in handy here – I Google’d Medium Length Hair..Loads of pictures. Piclens was a great way to look through them all as I could scroll through them without having to wait for pages to load. There are also sites on the web that will match your face to styles, or let you upload photos. I didn’t need to go that far, and didn’t want to fork out money for some of these.
  4. Print out the style you want
    The picture here is what I take to the hairdresser. They look at it and are able to imitate it. If you have a good hairdresser they will adjust it to suit you better. If your hairdresser is so-so, then they will use this a guide. I take it every time… just in case my stylist isn’t there, and I need a quick cut.
  5. If it doesn’t work, try, try again
    If the style doesn’t work, then try another. The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about 4 weeks… and if you’re going through this process it is probably because you’re not happy with your existing cut anyway.
  6. Tame that Mane – Trim… regularly
    One of the big things about hair is that it grows. One of the ways to dry out your hair is to use loads of product (sprays, mouses, etc). If your hair grows, the style grows out, and you will be using product (usually expensive product) to try and tame it back into the look that you love! So go back and keep it in shape – every 4-6 weeks works for me.

There are probably other tips, but this is the journey that I’ve made over the past 3 months and I have fabulous hair (for me, anyway).

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