Handphone Offenses [Driving Law in Singapore]

For all those that wonder what it takes to get busted (or probably more to the point – not get busted) for driving under the influence of your mobile phone, then check out the rather detailed article from the Singapore Police Force.

In a nutshell, to commit an offense of “handphone driving”, you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. the vehicle is in motion; and
  2. the driver is holding on to the handphone with one hand; while his other hand is holding the steering wheel and
  3. the driver is communicating with any person with that handphone.

Note that you can be committing other offenses if you are driving recklessly or do not appear to be in charge of the vehicle.

This is current as at the date of this post, and as a driver you are responsible for ensuring that you understand the latest laws on this. I’m not your minder or responsible if you get a fine-lah!!!

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1 Response

  1. cruiser says:

    hey ozlady! been such a long time since i visited your blog. anyway, does it mean that i can hold my handphone while driving but NOT talking to anyone? that would be a pretty fun prank to pull.