Smells Fishy [What I was doing at 2am]

This morning we met a student group at the Singapore Fishery Port to show them the start of the supply chain for fish products. I’m a lecturer/trainer, and we work with the local logistics association to arrange site visits and the like for students as well as practioners. In the case of students, it’s so that they can link what they learn in the classroom to what is out there in the real world, and a fishery port is way more exciting than a warehouse – which is what most people think of when you say logistics.
Fishery Port @ 2amFortunately, there’s a side benefit to doing this sort of thing (there had better be – I am soooo not a morning person). We scored 4kg of crab pretty cheap (cheaper than the supermarket) and my mother-in-law cooks a mean crab curry!

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