Ditch Moisturising Cream [Girl Stuff Life-Hack]

OK – I’m a girl… just letting you know in case the blog title didn’t give it away.

At any rate, girls usually obsess about their appearance – why should I be any different, just because I’m interested in technology and drumming? I’ll have you know that I’m just as body-obsessed as the next neurotic chick, thank you very much!

One of the things that my husband taught me (yes – husband), is the importance of moisturising! He was right, but only partially. Most of the crap they have you slathering on your face ends up making your skin feel great for the first 5 minutes that it’s on, and then rough and clogged after that.

Get rid of pimplesSound familiar, girls?

I’ve recently had an attack of acute red face, coupled with more pimples than I’m used to, thanks to the early onset of menopause (oh, what a joy that is). I’d been using moisturiser, and tea tree oil for spot treatment on particularly inflamed areas.

As fate would have it, I ran out of tea-tree oil. They didn’t have any in the local pharmacy, so I opted for a tea-tree antiseptic solution instead. It wasn’t long before I went from spot treatment to lathering my whole face with it, and now I’ve totally replaced my moisturiser with this twice daily (morning and night). My face has been clearer than ever before, and it’s been six weeks now.

This was just too good not to share.

FYI – I make no income from this, no referral fees and I ain’t selling it.

I just hope that those that despair when their face looks like the Pacific Ring of Fire find that this works for them as well.

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