Life is too Difficult in the Morning

Coffee Bean didn’t have my regular pre-church bagel this morning (only garlic variety left, and while I love garlic, I didn’t want to offend any parishoners)… so I sat and had my regular pre-church coffee, wanting my bagel and dreading another session with the Nazi Priest at St Joseph’s. Fortunately he wasn’t there… but the microphone system he installed is so lousy that the priest that was there was very difficult to hear. Actually, everyone is very difficult to hear except for Mr. Enunciation.

Fish and chips for lunch – we visited Fisherman’s Wharf, which is on New Bridge Road (No. 27). They have a $6.50 special on fish and chips at the moment. Still ain’t like home, but filled a need.

Just wanted to go back to bed, but when I did couldn’t sleep. Shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning… feel like I have not slept in months.

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