Ubuntu and Jungle Drive

Big thanks to Code Wraith who posted this solution to mounting a Jungle Disk on a Ubuntu system (I converted my work PC to Ubuntu since I mainly use it for Word Processing, spreadsheets and internet use). I must say, like 18 thumbs up. Hardy Heron is impressive as a desktop!

Anyway – Jungledisk and Ubuntu – see below. Full credit to Code Wraith, but a big vote of confidence that it works!

I just set up JungleDisk today, and it’s working great. I’m not on 64-bit but these are the steps I went through:

1. Sign up with Amazon Simple Storage (http://aws.amazon.com/s3)

2. Follow the instructions to get the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

3. Download the Linux version of JungleDisk (http://www.jungledisk.com)

4. Extract the files to the home directory. It will make a directory called “jungledisk”

5. Double-click on “junglediskmonitor” and a configuration page will open

6. Enter the Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key and leave Bucket Name as “default”

7. Go to Start > Places > Connect to Server… and add the following:

Server type: WebDAV (HTTP)
Server: localhost
Port: 2667
Name to use for this connection: whatever name you want displayed in Nautilus

8. Open Nautilus, find the drive, and double-click to open

9. It should now function like an extra drive with ability to copy, paste, and delete. Keep in mind that JungleDisk has to be running (there will be an icon in the tray) whenever you want to access the drive.

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