Stamford is a Sweet Boy

Stammy is being such a good boy with the introduction of Buster.

Buster is in the spare room, choosing to stay in there because Stammy is sooooo scary (NOT). I think Stamford scared him because he goes bounding up to the little guy, and stands about 3 inches away and just sniffs the air around him. Buster is so startled by Stammy’s run up, that he gets all hissy and starts swiping at Stam… it will be interesting to see how they go getting used to each other. We are swapping residences occasionally… putting Stamford in Buster’s room so he can explore all the places where Buster goes, and Buster comes out and explores Stammy’s area.

It’s only been a week (today) so we’ll see how it goes. If anyone has advice on how to make them adapt faster, it would be appreciated (just post it in the comments section here).

Comment posted by Tracey
at 2/28/2005 9:34:00 PM

Try rubbing each of the cats with something that smells like the other cat. That way they small like each other and may accept each other faster.

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