MediaMonkey and Last.FM

MediaMonkey is awesome – it is a really versatile media player that allows me to be rid of iTunes (hooray!!). I also love Last.FM, as it allows me to discover new music based on music that I listen to regularly. So naturally I would want to listen to my music, and then have it entered into Last.FM so that I can tag it and find similar music (by new artists or artist that I’ve not listened to before).

That’s all pretty cool, but I was getting frustrated with getting them both working together, and then with the help of the Last.FM MediaMonkey Forum Page, I was able to devise a hack for the following versions.

What you need:

OK – here we go…

Make sure that Media Monkey is NOT open during installation!

1. Download Audioscrobbler Winamp Plugin (see link above)
2. Install the plug-in into MediaMonkey’s Plug-In folder (no further sub-folders – usually C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Plugins\)
3. Now on Vista I wasn’t able to install into the plugin folder directly, and when I specified the above install folder, it automatically installed into C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Plugins\Winamp\Plugins, so I copied the files audioscrobbler.html and Gen_AudioScrobbler.dll into the C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Plugins\ directory.
4. Open MediaMonkey and the configure plug-in screen should pop up.

Right now I’m submitting using only Media Monkey and it’s working fine.

Hope this helps you folks out there, and thanks to the forums!

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  1. ozlady says:

    I loved this so much I upgraded to MediaMonkey Pro! Awesome!