Intelligent Studs? Thank you Singapore Govt!!!

IRSYou seriously have to laugh when you receive these announcements from the Singapore LTA. It’s good that they analyse traffic and accident statistics and come up with these ideas, however there are a couple of things that were laughable.

Firstly – what do you think when you hear the word ‘stud’? I did a straw poll in the office and all of them (mostly men) said someone who is masculine (and normally handsome).

Now we have these parading our roads!???

Not to steal Mr Miyagi’s thunder, coz he does a great job of picking on the Gahmen* (in an amusing and completely apolitical way, of course), but won’t having handsome AND intelligent studs wandering Singapore’s hazardous intersections just make the traffic incidents higher?

Bringing it back to reality, however, there is one flawed assumption in the whole IRS system (it’s Singapore – we gotta have an acronym). Read the following from the LTA announcement:

IRS are blinking Light Emitting Diode (LED) studs installed flush to the road surface along the pedestrian crossing line and linked to the pedestrian push button. They will start blinking when the push button is activated and the green man comes on. This will alert motorists who are turning right to also watch out for pedestrians.

The key phrase above is ‘when the push button is activated‘. I’m surprised that the LTA hasn’t realised yet that half the time these accidents occur is because the pedestrian hasn’t bothered to press the push button and so crosses anyway when the lights change.

I was drinking in town with a few friends a couple of years back, when an older lady (affectionately called an aunty here in Singapore) waited through three changes of lights for the green man to flash so that she could cross. In the end, one of the friends I was with went down and pressed the button for her. It was painful to watch.

Another time my husband almost hit a pedestrian when they didn’t press the button and then ran across the road when they realised the green man wasn’t going to appear!

Perhaps we should implement intelligent, handsome studs to teach the pedestrians how to press the push button instead?

* Gahmen is Singlish for Government

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4 Responses

  1. Mr Miyagi says:

    “I’m smart and you really should see me drive”.

  2. jinn says:

    The question is:
    Why must the pedestrians press/push some button? Why can’t the green man appears automatically? It drives me to the wall whenever I’m a second late in pressing the button and have to wait another cycle of lights change just to cross the road safely.

  3. ozlady says:

    Mr Miyagi – LOL!!!!

  4. ozlady says:

    Jinn – I understand, but perhaps for the drivers I can say it’s really annoying when you are forced to stop for a light (especially late at night), and no one is crossing. *shrug* hard to make everyone happy, I guess. 🙂