Freedom from iTunes

iChoose, therefore iAm!

I have had some issues with my iPod ever since my old PC crashed, and due to the iTunes requirement that you can only sync with one PC, I was having trouble recovering old files and then porting them to a new computer. Then, when I did manage to do this, I couldn’t synchronise on the new machine, and it kept playing the old songs that I had synchronised before my PC had crashed. I didn’t have copies of the files that I had downloaded through the iTunes shop – I was worried about infringing on the copyright and DRM. Just a general PITA all round!

The alternative was to re-install the iPod software and just start all over.

Today, via a referral site that I had found, I now have MediaMonkey installed and have given my old iPod Shuffle a new lease on life (which will be a relief to my husband or otherwise I will get an itchy backside** to buy a new iPod).

So now I have my iPod all enabled to be updated without the hassle of iTunes (and I am so sick of being harrassed to upgrade the silly program), which integrates really well from the File Explorer in Windows. I think that I have to face that even though I love some Apple products, unless I get a Mac, the software for Windows is going to be less than I want, and that I might be forever trolling the web to look for ways to expand the capabilities of the iPod. Being able to sync with only one machine (especially for backup purposes) is really ridiculous. They should allow two (although at the moment I have a laptop that I use at home and at work, so they don’t have to worry about coming after me for terms violation just yet).

Hope you find some of the links from this page useful – and try MediaMonkey – it’s the best compromise between iTunes and Windows Media Player that I’ve found yet.

** Itchy backside – used to describe a person who has nothing to do, but of his own volition performs a spurious act which usually lands him in trouble. Source: DrunkDuck forum

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