What’s the best thing about chicken rice?

There is one thing to note when asking about the average Singaporean’s favourite dish: chicken rice.

Warning: generalisations ahead – and I know it’s not the same for everyone, however I’ve noticed some patterns in chicken rice consumption…

You can ask many Singaporeans… and the answer will be uncannily common. The best thing about chicken rice is not the chicken.

The typical response you will get will either be the rice, the soup, or the chili sauce (which is not strictly chili, but can be a combination of red chili, ginger and garlic).

Oh – and another thing to note is that the favourite part of the chicken for the average Singaporean is not the breast-meat, which is common among Westerners. Usually the leg will be more in demand (often referred to as the brown meat in Australia), as it is more flavoursome.

Who knew?

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