Nazi Priest

Today we went to Church, being Sunday, and there is an old Chinese lady that comes begging around the pews while the service is on. She sometimes begs for money during the service, but mostly she wanders up to some of the pictures and statues and prays, or just sits in one of the pews and natters away to anyone sitting next to her.

The Nazi Priest and his Nazi wardens have a new policy whereby they forcibly remove her from the church. Today I saw this policy enforced, and the Nazi Priest paused during the reading of the New Testament to watch her be escorted out – objecting loudly as she went.

She wasn’t begging today – she was wandering in front of the statue of Jesus and simply praying and muttering away.

Where is the Nazi Priest’s Christian values amongst all of this? A few weeks ago he proclaimed to the congregation that he had met with her family and complained, and received apologies in return… but how about stretching some of those Christian values to find out what is wrong and why she goes begging, instead of ousting her from the Church? She is probably just lonely.

I got upset at all this and walked out and went to the Church down the road. Our Lady friend showed up there, whereby she walked in, tried to chat with a few of the parishoners, then sat down for the rest of the service. They just let her be.

The Nazi Priest and his warden dominions strike again!

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