Getting Things Done (GTD): Remember the Milk

I struggle with getting things done, and I struggle with to do lists – I find them overwhelming and not integrated with my life. I can’t carry around small bits of paper, or notepads… so I end up forgetting everything, including the milk. Some days I am lucky I remember my name, and today I found out that a friend of mine is having his second child and he told me months ago – the baby is due in 3 weeks.

I need to find something that is going to help me get on top of this mess and bird brain that I seem to have developed!

Now I’m trying ‘Remember the Milk’ – an online to do list manager… with a big difference for me!

Remember the Milk

One of the really cool things that like is that it emails me daily about what is due today, and it will also message me via Skype or MSN. I like that it understands that if I say something is due in ‘3 days’, and will calculate that date automatically for me. Very cool.

I can also:

  • access it on my mobile phone
  • feed it in to my Calendar using iCalendar
  • Prioritise (using colours)
  • integrate it with Gmail using a Firefox Add-On
    [Which is handy as a lot of requests come in via email]
  • Add Notes
  • Work with this list offline (using Google Gears)

Wish me luck and I hope that this one succeeds for me where others have failed!

Comment posted by YesBut
at 10/30/2007 1:04:12 PM

Hi Stephanie
This sounds a really useful tool to have.
I’m really tempted to sign up to it, BUT I can’t risk offending Mrs YesBut, who claims sole right to tell me what to do :sad:

Comment posted by ozlady
at 10/31/2007 12:39:14 AM

LOL – fair enough… and cute ;)

Comment posted by Remind Me – Often! | OzLady’s Ramblings
at 11/10/2007 7:35:57 AM

[…] really have a bird brain when it comes to remembering almost anything. I have to say that the Remember The Milk to do list tool that I featured is working really, really well… and I’m starting to break my […]

Comment posted by Tammy
at 11/1/2007 7:01:35 AM

Like the sound of this tool. I’ll add it to my current handwritten to-do list – to change over to Rembember the Milk!

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