Stocktake… Images for your Bloggin’ Pleasure!

Hot Dog - Image from Morgue FileThose that have visited my blog before have seen links to resources for images and photos in the form of the post Click-Pics-Quick-Fix. Today we continue in that theme and I bring you the highlights from that and the 30+ Background and Stock Image Sites from Mashable.

In addition to the above post that detailed photos that are free or royalty-free*, the new link includes downloadable background patterns and some of these are super-funky and suitable for the background wallpaper for your desktop or your blog.

My three (3) favourites in the background images department include:

  2. Pixel Patterns/Kaliber10k
  3. SquidFingers

In addition to the background images, stock photography links include:

*Free vs Royalty-Free

Free we all know – you don’t have to pay for the photos, but when you download and use, you need to take note of any attributes that you might have to give to the owner (perhaps name and a link back to their website, or an email to let them know you are using the picture).

Royalties we have heard of and it’s usually associated with a pay-per-use system. If an image is royalty free, and you pay for it once, it usually gives you range to use it as many times as you like without paying for each project or appearance of the image. The exact terms of royalty-free will differ depending on the terms and conditions of each site, and I strongly encourage you to read and become familiar with them, so as not to violate anyone’s usage policy. If they are nice enough to put images out there for free or cheap royalty-free use, then it is only fair that we adhere to the terms and conditions for the use of the picture.

I have not included the links to the previous stock-photo sites included in my old post, so please visit there if you need more stock images and photos.

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