Flat out like a lizard drinking

I’m about to be audited for the umpteenth time this year, and frankly I’m flat out (which I’m told is an expression that comes from the Aussie ‘Flat out like a lizard drinking’).

I’m going for a summary of some things that I’ve noted lately, so here goes.

  1. Information on Australian Reptiles
    This goes here as it is an interesting Podcast that I have listened to since I read Down Under by Bill Bryson. The book was an interesting read that gave me an insight into the joys of my own country, as well as its embarrassing history – all peppered with a healthy dose of fear of the fauna (Bill’s, not mine, having grown up with it). The Podcast had interesting information about the more slithering, deadly kind that is resident in the big island down under.
  2. Drumming recordings are being moved off this blog
    If you are one of my drumming classmates, then you will find that I will no longer be posting rhythms here. I have decided to use Ning – what is a ‘white-label social networking’ application. This basically means that it provides you space where you can host images, videos, music, forums and discussion related to your group, and you can have it open or closed, depending on the group and your preference.
  3. Imation 4Gb USB Thumb DriveGo Mobile on your Thumb Drive
    I have always struggled a bit with synchronising data between my home PC and work PC. It always seems as if there is some file or another that I have left behind. Well thanks to Imation and their lockable security program that comes standard as part of the 4Gb thumb drive that I was able to get for some loyalty points I accumulated, I now use PortableApps to have email, OpenOffice, and other really useful apps handy whenever I need them… all on the secure part of my thumb drive. I can use the non-secure part as a standard storage area, and lock and unlock to access email and useful applications as and when I need it!!! Check out Portable Apps for your USB drive!

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