Quotable Quote

Movie: PrimeI saw a movie recently, and it had a quote I liked.

Movie: Prime (Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep)

“Do you like sex?”
“Then don’t get Nintendo”

Truer words were never spoken.


I had a laugh in this movie – some real truisms, and look out for the scene where the girlfriend (Uma Thurman) tells the boyfriend’s mother (Meryl Streep) about the lewd details of their sex life (without realising she’s speaking to her boyfriend’s mother).

Comment posted by david mcmahon
at 9/6/2007 11:51:52 PM

That’s a GREAT recommendation, Steph!

Comment posted by Craver-VII
at 9/5/2007 5:07:24 PM

I tagged ya!

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