By the numbers… Workers stressed out by never-ending email!

Like, der!

From the UK, the following statistics were reported in the TODAY paper (Singapore) on August 13, 2007 (page 6):

  • 6 trillion business email messages were sent worldwide last year
  • 49 minutes is spent on email each day by the average worker
  • 4 hours is spent on email each day by the senior management worker
  • 80 percent of email sent is actually spam
  • 62 percent of workers check their business email at home or on holiday
  • 10 points is the fall in IQ experienced by workers distracted by email (more than twice that found in cannabis studies)

Comment posted by chewy
at 8/15/2007 9:17:26 AM

Spam, spam, spam, spam.

Some mornings I just get so damn aggravated with spam. Back from vacation I had over 1,000 emails and 990 of them were spam. Since when do I need viagra or penis enlargers, nevermind Rolexes and pharmaceuticals. UGH!

Comment posted by ozlady
at 8/20/2007 8:51:33 AM

Totally agree with you Chewy – and going through a fair bit of it now in my own inbox!!! Aaargh!

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