About You, About Me, Let’s Write About Us!

All About MeSometimes we find it hard to write about ourselves, but apparently the ‘About Us’ page is key to blog success. I subscribe to a site called Working At Home on the Internet (I don’t, but I find the articles useful), and the following post caught my eye.

Barbra Sundquist presents How to Write a Short Bio or “About Me” Page posted at Barbra Sundquist, saying, “This practical article provides a template for how to write a professional bio or an “About Me” page. Why do you need a professional bio or “About Me” page? You’ll use it for a range of networking and marketing purposes: on your website or blog; listing yourself on job registries; summarizing your expertise for people introducing you at a speaking engagement; or attaching to the end of an article you’ve written.”

Now I need to relook at mine… especially seeing as Deborah couldn’t find my ‘Contact Me’ page – I may need to do some adjustments.

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