Do You Want Me To Interview You?

MicrophoneYes please, Deborah!

So here goes…

Hope it is okay if I leave this here. I didn’t see a contact/email link anywhere…

Note: At the top of the page – but you’re right – it’s too obscure! Thanks!
What a treat to have the opportunity to interview you! I fear I was soon to be typecast into the role of interviewing only male bloggers. All the testosterone was a bit suffocating; as I’m sure you’d agree.

  1. You recently divulged the origination of your blog name: “Oz” for Australia and “Lady” because of your gender. Somehow I always thought you were a fan of the story about Dorothy, Toto and the unfortunate tornado that ripped through their Kansas home. Nevertheless, what in your life is lacking the most right now? A little bravery, as the lion sought? Some smarts, like the scarecrow needed? Or some heart, for which the tin man was searching? Please be sure to elaborate.At the moment the first thing that springs to mind is a little time and a little sleep. I am a business owner and our business is going through changes… as a business owner yourself I am sure you understand… and the extra hours are draining. If I had to choose one, however, then definitely bravery – the bravery to say no. Sometimes we tend to find ourselves saying yes to everything and then being completely snowed… that’s me at the moment!
  2. Continuing with the Judy Garland theme, since she is best known for playing Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz, how would you say your life most resembles that of the late star? Were you born in a relatively small town? (Judy hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan) Do you yearn for something other than what you have been given? (Judy’s name is really Frances Ethel Gumm, and she went as far as having her hair line tweezed and nose discs removed to glamorize her Hollywood look) Do you have trouble sticking with one decision? (Judy had five husbands) Or do you possess a dramatic flair or other show-stopping talent?I was born in a small town – in Wooroloo in Western Australia, north east of Perth. I wanted to be an actress when I was a teenager and spent my teenage years in theatres and even travelled Europe and the US doing performances and even street theatre (we even did mime in Paris).Perhaps that’s why I do the drumming now :)
  3. It appears you have been blogging since Al Gore invented the Internet. Do you still meet people that have never heard of a blog? If so, how do you describe your hobby without sounding like you are a geeky Internet junky?

    I first got on the internet back in about ‘93… I’ve had this domain since 1997, so I guess I’ve been on the net a while. Yes there are many people who haven’t heard of a blog, and the industry I teach in contains a fair few of them… so I avoid talking about this particular hobby lest people back away, avoiding eye contact. For those in my family who are not “into” the net or blogging, I usually print out sections of my blog and mail it (yes, physically).
  4. Your blog is a potpourri of pictures, jokes, surveys/games, politics, drumming, books, pop culture and more. Is your life this scattered? If not, are you claiming the junk drawer in your kitchen neat and tidy such that you could find a blue pen as well as a red colored pencil if the electricity were to go out in the middle of the night? Is it messy, but yet, you could at least find a writing utensil? Or is it so cluttered you cannot close the junk drawer and you would inadvertently slam into it if the electricity were out in the middle of the night, causing a vein to burst near your hip bone and necessitating an emergency trip to the hospital?

    Yes my life is this scattered… there are 50 million things that I try and do simultaneously… and it all works as long as no one touches anything. My husband was constantly trying to pick up after me, but worked out recently that it just makes me lose place, and I’d spend time trying to find stuff… so now he just nags me into shape. LOL Poor guy.
  5. Does the above question not even make sense to you because there is no such thing as junk drawers in Australia or Asia and they are strictly a United States thing? And on an unrelated note, what is the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked you about life in a foreign country? For example, other than kitchen junk drawers, have you ever been asked incredulously, “You mean they have pasta in Singapore?”

    Hmmm… that’s a tough one… Firstly – yes we have junk drawers. Hmmm… I’ve had Americans ask me about the kangaroos as if they expect them hopping down the street… The most difficult questions that I get asked are to do with Singapore’s laws – do they really ban chewing gum? Do they really cane you for graffiti? Do they really have a death penalty for drug traffickers? The answer to them all are yes – and people may or may not agree with it.
  6. Please tell us about the ever-changing pictures that are on a permanent slide show at the top of your blog. Are these all your pictures? And have you received the proper rights from all those photographed so that you are able to post their image royalty free on the Internet?Those are all photos that I took, of my family, friends, pets, etc… and fortunately no-one’s objected yet. Please don’t send emails to my family about this. Blood is thicker than an internet wire, but only barely!!! *kidding* LOL
  7. I can’t help but notice the old watches from your husband’s top drawer you’ve been hocking through the years on eBay. Has he noticed that his watch collection is slowly being depleted? Are you blaming the loss on the suspicious cleaning lady? And please do tell us about the fabulous purses you’ve been buying with all your extra Paypal cash! Yes, my husband collects watches… and yes I do sell them for him… but funnily enough, not fast enough… he still has so many that he wants me to sell… about $12K worth of stock according to him and I HAVE got A bag out of it… and a few pairs of shoes… I gotta sell more!

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Why am I on the Al Gore update?

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Great interview! Thanks! As far as te Al Gore update…I guess Big Brother is watching. What is he watching? I’m not sure, but obviously watching.

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