Hungry? A good feed… Links and Information for Bloggers

i.BlogSome of what I post here on this blog is technical – and the technical references serve as either bookmarks for myself, or references for my online friends to benefit from.

How do I come across even half of this information? I use a RSS feed reader – and subscribe to feeds that have topics that interest me. Using Google Reader really helps, as I can go through feeds on my mobile phone, or at any computer and use keyboard shortcuts to navigate and bookmark for future reference. At the moment I work through 27 feeds a day… but that’s not a lot compared to some. If you are new to RSS, you can try Google Reader with these simple how-tos from Lifehack and Webware.

I decided to link some of my bookmarks here, so that I can share them with you, as well as save them for myself. To keep it in a blog format, however, this post should at least have a theme, so this post’s links are all related to Web and Blogging Tools.

So here we go…

  1. Google Cheat Sheet
    Includes 2 downloadable PDF pages with reference to search terminology and format, official Google blogs, Google tools, information about Page Rank, etc.
  2. Mashable’s 40+ Free Blog Hosts
    Self-explanatory, I think
  3. Firefox Launches Facebook Application
    For those that are into Facebook (I am on there), you can access Firefox extensions through this facebook application.
  4. 30+ WordPress Themes
    For those that need a theme for WordPress, get them here… and don’t forget to customise them for that original feel!
  5. Free Tips on Writing – in Particular Titles and Headlines
    OK -David and Deborah ignore this one, but for the rest of us, this is probably quite useful – free advice on how to write a headline
  6. Blogger Templates
    Now I’ve done WordPress Templates so it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t list some Blogger template resources, so check out here, here and here.
  7. BlogBackupupOnline
    I use this, I’ve written about this before, but I’ll put it here again, as they have just emailed me to let users know that any bugs that were reported have been fixed and they are new and improved. I’ve always been pleased with them, so I suggest you protect yourself against the inevitable and Back Up Your Blog Free.
  8. Mail-2-Blog
    Blogger offers this as a standard offering, but it’s not part of’s hosted version of WordPress, so BlogMailr will give you an email address that you can send to, that will automatically post to the content of the email to your blog.

If this post has given you even one tool that you find useful, then mission accomplished. Enjoy your blogging and the web!

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No problem!

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Deborah – great news and no worries and no I’m not overreaching!!!

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thanks for the info :razz:

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Blog is officially backed up. Thanks for the info. And you are over reaching to even mention my name in the same sentence as David!

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