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A to ZOK – this is a passing post, so take up the challenge if you’re interested.

Based on a post I read over at Random Thoughts, I have decided to post this – where you put down the first thing that comes to mind for each letter in the alphabet.

A – alphabet
B – banana
C – charlie-horse
D – dancing
E – elephant
F – fingers typing
G – gee I can’t think of a word that begins with G
H – hippy
I – igloo
J – jumping jacks
K – kissing (a fun thing to do)
L – llama
M – money
N – nobody
O – orgy (I have no idea where that came from – the things you think about under pressure, huh?)
P – people
Q – quarry
R – Rastafarian
S – stephanie
T – telescope
U – umbrella (it’s raining – again)
V – vw combi van
W – wet blanket
X – X marks the spot
Y – yellow
Z – zombi

Take it up – and let me know if you do!

Comment posted by Tammy
at 7/20/2007 9:58:39 AM

We play the A-Z game quite a lot … when we’re bored (eg. long haul flight) or can’t sleep. The person who starts with “A” gets to pick the theme… but without announcing it, so the second person has to continue with what they “think” the theme is. It’s always good fun, and is a good time waster… although sometimes I need help with the more obscure letters. Enjoy! :-)

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/23/2007 12:59:29 AM

That’s a good variation. I have played it with the kids with a theme – but we’ll usually say what the theme is. The obscure letters are difficult, and sometimes a scrabble dictionary is more useful than an English dictionary (more words).

Thanks Tam and congrats again!

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