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CSS Help PileRecently I posted about a tool to assist you see how your blog looks in a number of different browsers using a tool called Browsershots. I hope you’ve had some luck with this and your blog looks close to what you’d expect in all the versions you’ve tested.

I received one reply from Bill Blunt who asked “how to fix it?” if your site is not performing as expected.

While sitting down and looking at the code behind someone’s website sounds like fun (sorry – it can be), it is probably better if you spend a weekend getting to know the code behind your page’s appearance, especially if you’ve fiddled with it before and now something has gone wrong. I found this site – The CSS Help Pile – which has loads of tips and tricks on how to make managing the appearance of your site easier. I did give a few quick tips to Bill, which is as follows, but at the end of the day, sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and fiddle, or choose a new, plain template and start all over again.

An expansion on my quick advice is:

  • Check widths: if elements are too wide for the table or page that they are in, then it forces some to drop down or realign to fit in the space that you’ve told them to. (Think of it like shoe-horning your 35 year old body into your jeans from when you were 16 – something’s gotta pop out the top!)
  • Give yourself a crash course in html – it’s how the web was written
  • Learn CSS – it’s a great way to position objects on a page and make them look damn fine

I am going to put one bit of advice to bloggers, even though it’s not really related to the points above – try and avoid pop-up commenting. I find it annoying, and most pop-ups don’t display correctly in different browsers (eg. I use Firefox and get some weird results on some of the pages I visit). Just a note – you can take it or leave it – and please don’t get offended.

Enjoy your blogs, folks! I know I enjoy mine!

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/13/2007 1:03:30 AM

Cuckoo – yes, I can relate to that. If you are using blogger, this feature is also available using the ‘See Current Post’ feature. In David’s site, for example, if you click on ‘Post a Comment’ You will see the screen below, which expands to include the current post if you click on ‘See Current Post’. (see picture below)
But this is perhaps not very obvious, and pop ups might be the better option.

Comment posted by Cuckoo
at 7/12/2007 12:18:57 PM

Oh I have a pop-up commenting window, I have purposely put it.
Reason :- Quite often we need to look back to the long posts for exact contents at the time of commenting.

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