How Do You Blog?

I’m not trying to write a blog about blogging, but seeing as I do more than a post a day (looking at my archive average), then I do wonder how others do it. Most of us who do blog have topics that we blog on with some degree of regularity, and it makes me wonder, in the course of living our daily lives, how do we comb and sort through the information that we process in a day to come out with the blog post for that day?

I’m going to link-roll this one, as I think that there are a number of people out there who have written on this far better than I could, so here goes. Enjoy!

  • John from Homeless Family’s Blog has a great post on How Do You Blog So Much, which details some of the tools that he uses and where he gets his inspiration from.
  • Then there is the Blog Herald – How Do You Choose What You Blog About? To be honest, I like this one more for the comments.
  • David has answered this from a photographic perspective a few times on his authorblog. Recently, he looked at photographic tools, which I found quite interesting.
  • How Do You Blog talks more about writing style – are you conversational, or formal? Does it matter? I find it hard to put my humour into words here without sounding overly harsh, so I found this post and its comments significant.
  • To wrap up this link-roll, I was back at Blog Herald with a slightly more technical How Do You Filter Your Blog Content Decisions? I thought this interesting as it was a formal way at looking at meeting blogging goals. It made me think about how I filter to meet my blog goals.

Comment posted by Lorelle
at 7/7/2007 11:25:23 AM

Great recommendations! And good for you on being clear about your content and its purpose. Too many give in to the attention-getting posts that are off topic just to get in new traffic, but you’ve framed this perfectly in line with your purpose. Very well done and much appreciated.

Keep up the great work and thanks for the recommendation.

Comment posted by David
at 7/7/2007 6:19:37 PM

Howdy, I’d say I blog irregularly when I’m moved by some thought or observation. In addition to my blog I also maintain a HUGE collection of family photos, which I think qualifies as a visual sort of blog.

Btw, saw my first drum session last weekend, about 40 people participated plus many more watching and dancing in a park. I plan on joining them next year.


Comment posted by JohnC
at 7/8/2007 12:01:38 AM

…was it something I blogged? Thanks, genuinely…but I don’t know what to say. I have to go find a bed to crawl under and hide…I’m feeling emo…emo.

Emo Tion Al.

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/8/2007 12:16:45 AM

Lorelle – Thanks for the visit and the comments. Firstly, I think you would see from my blog that I’m not a huge traffic generator, and while it is certainly a goal of mine to generate a little bit more interest in my blog, this is not going to happen by posting articles that others will find too “commercial” or strictly targetted. I appreciate you picking up on this.

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/8/2007 12:29:43 AM

Hey Dave, Great to hear from you, and I enjoy dropping in on your photo albums from time-to-time. Yes, blogging in pictures does count, and there are even sites and applications which are geared towards this – and you have given me another idea for a blog entry, as photographic blogging has come up a number of times within my ‘blog circle.’

As for the drumming, I didn’t recall you being interested or playing – sorry – but getting into a circle is pretty kewl. I take classes, and you can see a summary of all posts at my drumming category. If you ever come back to Singapore again, you should sit in on a circle or two!

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/8/2007 1:09:10 AM

Mr Al (aka JohnC), Nuttin’ to be blushin’ about… you write good! Stand tall – you should be getting good at receiving accolades. :)

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