Might as well face it we’re addicted to Blog!

OK – I have had some great responses on my post – Addicted to Blogging – and a big thanks to Deborah and RK for the inspiration on this one, and to David for the promotion (hope your family is feeling better). Now it’s voting time!

From now til 11:59:59pm Singapore time on Monday 9th July, 2007, we will be taking votes for your three (3) top favourites from the list below. Promote and vote, folks! Let’s get a list that’s worth circulating to blogging addicts worldwide!! LOL!

Now we just need to convince Mr McGlinch to do an ‘addicted to blog’ doodle tomorrow on Request-a-Doodle Friday! Then do the quiz (click on the icon at the bottom) when you’ve done voting below.

Choose your best three, and comment to add any more! Thanks for your support, guys!

Note: There is a poll within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

70%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2Online Dating

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/7/2007 7:13:45 AM

Ladt T – thanks for votig… and Chewy – I look forward to yours!

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/7/2007 7:16:36 AM

I’m responding to this from my mobile phone. Argh! My spelling!

Comment posted by Cuckoo
at 7/8/2007 9:00:27 AM

Ohh, Sweetlady, That means no chance of escape !! :(((( *jaws dropped*

OK, so, I’ll do it. So what if ppl call me addicted but I’ll do it as honestly as possible. :(
First let me think when should I have the next game on my blog… There is a huge demand. ;)

Comment posted by Cuckoo
at 7/8/2007 9:05:24 AM

Can I tick on 5 ? Sorry, can’t reduce anymore. But I am NOT addicted.. ok?

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/8/2007 9:20:02 AM


I think the poll only lets you tick 3, but you can try!
Good luck with the next game, and I hope it’s a hit!!

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/8/2007 9:20:27 AM

and of course you’re not addicted!!!

Comment posted by chewy
at 7/6/2007 9:49:30 PM

I’m baaaack, I’ll vote! A few times while on vacation I silently tiptoed to my friend’s computer for a quick peek at my blog comments.

Comment posted by Lady_T
at 7/6/2007 4:57:46 AM

Lol! those options are hilarious because some are so true! I’ve voted my vote made it top of the list!

Comment posted by ozlady
at 7/6/2007 2:44:40 AM

Yes – we need more comments, but more importantly more voters! Cuckoo – you will have to do the addicted to blog quiz.

RK – glad you like the poll. It’s not as serious as your blog, which I like, but I just can’t write like that. Too cynical, perhaps! Thanks for dropping by!

Comment posted by rk
at 7/5/2007 8:41:19 PM

hi ozlady,
loved this poll!
and thanks for adding a couple from my list.
felt great reading your comments on my blog.


Comment posted by Cuckoo
at 7/5/2007 10:55:10 AM

Oh I have to keep refreshing the page to see if any more comments are there.

Comment posted by Cuckoo
at 7/5/2007 10:52:36 AM

Heyy I am nervous now !!

Do I have to choose what I do ? Naah… I’ll come back and do it later..

Have to check on my blog you see. How many new comments and things like that. And what would be my next post ;)

Eh no ! I am NOT addicted to it. :D

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