Opinions Needed

Hi all.
Just a short note to let you know that I still love you all, and that I have been working on something as part of the 10-day ‘blog school’ programme that I have been ‘attending’. I’ll let you know more on it as I complete it, but I have started a very purpose-driven blog and I need some opinions. You can either drop me a line over there or here, but basically I’m interested in feedback concerning design and content. The topic is something that we have all dealt with – office productivity programs (eg. MS Office – Excel, Word, Powerpoint) – but I’m focusing on the free version.
I’d appreciate your thoughts. Check out Discovering OpenOffice.

Comment posted by david mcmahon
at 6/29/2007 8:57:45 AM

Sounds wonderful, Steph. Looking forward to more details.
Have a great weekend.

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