End of another week…

It’s Friday and I officially declare this week ‘the week of moronic drivers’ which includes my efforts as well.

I’m heading across town to what Dearest affectionately calls my ‘band camp’ (think American Pie – “and one time, at band camp”)… It’s drum class and I’m on level three now… The beats are way more challenging… And as it’s been a few months since I put my hands on some skin… I’ve lost a little technique. Banging away on the kitchen bench just doesn’t seem to keep me in practice as much as on a real drum would… But a good djembe would cost a bomb!

Anyway… It’s still so much fun and I still really love it! Just wish I weren’t so tired today… Woke up at 6am.

On a slightly less positive note we have another soldier down with chicken pox today… Noni’s little 7 month old Ruby went to the docs with a few dots and now she and mum are on quarantine. Fortunately dearest and I have both had it… But that means the Bite cafe is without it’s normal personalities – Noni and Tiger – and Ruby’s mum is bored out of her mind! Hilarious as she calls me and gives me a much needed break… Even if it’s a 20 min conversation on waxing!

Almost at class now. Still floors me that I can stroll and blog away on my phone. Better go. Kids this weekend and more of being busy busy busy!

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