Thank the moon and the stars…

I walked in the door after the drive home from work tonight and my heart is still knocking inside my ribcage… A girl crossed against the lights and I turned into the intersection after a bus passed heading the opposite way. She was wearing dark clothes and I totally didn’t see her until the last possible minute.

Fortunately I swerved and she stopped… But crap!! If I had’ve hit her… I can’t even bear to think of it.

There was no collision so I kept driving… And a natural reaction of being angry when I get scared made my temper flare when she was staring angrily at me… But then I thought again about how she could have ended up and my temper left me pretty quickly.

Remind me not to cross against the lights as a pedestrian… And to watch for them more carefully in future as a driver. sheesh.

On a better note, Tiger girl took her Chinese medicine today and I hope she’s feeling better. Chicken pox as an adult would suck… Especially the pox bit. :)

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