How sedentry have I become?

Today, i got home at about 10pm after teaching one of my late night courses and checked my pedometer and discovered that I only covered 2744 steps from 9.30am.

Absolutely terrible! How did I get to be so tired in a day where I moved so little? I am now, as I type, walking around the block so that I can at least get my count over 5000. I was shocked!

Another interesting thing, was that I met someone today that also wears a pedometer, and he has late onset diabetes. He doesn’t take any medication and uses diet and exercise to manage it. It was interesting as, while he said that he only rarely meets his goal of 10000 steps a day, he has lost weight and his blood sugar is down. I guess it’s just being conscious of it and seeing a totally bad figure drives you off the couch and out to exercise.

I also found out today that one of the ‘bite sisters’ got the chicken pox over the weekend. That would really suck as she runs her own business with her sister, so noni has to take that on. But also getting chicken pox as an adult is supposed to be painful. Here’s a big GET WELL SOON to Tiger. I hope the Chinese herbs we arranged for her really work. I do quite ok with TCM, but sometimes it’s hard to know how people will react physically… Especially as so much depends on preparation.

Dearest made me memorise and repeat the instructions. Thank goodness for mobile phones, as I recorded most of the instructions in the notepad on my siemens. It’s actually quite amazing… My steps are now over 4300 and I’ve been writing this the whole time. Anyway, on the home stretch and should crack 5000 by then. Good night all and hope the world turns uneventfully while we sleep.

Comment posted by ozlady
at 3/14/2006 2:46:00 AM

I’m home and my steps are at 6313.

Sure beats the dismal total I had before!!!


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