Discouraging Help for Mental Health

Well here’s something that encourages people to get help… In the TODAY paper today (Singapore, 1-Mar-2006):

SHE is a professional holding down a well-paying job with a public-listed company here — and a scholar to boot.

But when Julie (not her real name) applied last June for the Home Protection Scheme — the compulsory mortgage insurance for HDB flats — she was turned down by the CPF Board.

Her insurance risk is deemed too high – because she suffers from clinical depression.

While she has shown steady recovery since she first went on medication two years ago, and even though her psychiatric medical reports have certified her occupationally and socially functional, her appeals to the Board have been rejected.

“Because of a condition for which I began my recovery two years ago, I am being discriminated against,” Julie, who is in her 20s, wrote to Today.

She is not alone.

OK – so now anyone that was considering getting some help now goes – NO WAY!!! Not if it’s going to mean that I can’t be insured against accident cover and accident hospitalisation – all of a sudden being hit by a car could be a symptom of mental illness??? I’d rather not be diagnosed!

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