I have taken to frequenting a certain cafe, where you can get a great salad, cake and cup of coffee (and more)… and it’s been a life saver this week.

Every time I have felt like kicking the crap outa someone, it’s a quick SMS to Noni and down to The Bite I go.

I have met some truly lovely people there, and it seems to be a place where Australians (and Kiwis – mustn’t leave out the kiwis) gravitate to get their vege fix.

Finally a place with my kinda people… congrats to Noni – who will read this. Sometimes the posts on my blog are kinda doom and gloom with the tragedies of the world, but you have a little pocket of hope in your cafe, and I think it’s in a large part due to the efforts of you and your sister, and the personality you both bring to your little part of Singapore.


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