Which race can I sell my apartment to?


In Singapore, you can find out which race you can sell your apartment to if you live in a HDB apartment. Is it racist? Maybe. I am not sure on this one and there is a justification for this:

The Ethnic Integration Policy is a government policy implemented to prevent the formation of racial enclaves and to promote ethnic integration in HDB housing towns. Limits for each ethnic group are set to achieve a balance of the various communities in a neighbourhood and housing block. This policy is applied to all ethnic groups for the purchase of HDB flats.

Lessees can sell their flat in the open market only to eligible buyers whose ethnic group is within the approved ethnic limits.

Source: HDB Infoweb

I do know that as Chinese are a majority (and have higher incomes as a result), it is often easier to sell your apartment and get a higher price for it if you are permitted to sell to Chinese. If you are another race, then sometimes you cannot get the same price for your apartment if you cannot sell to just anyone in order to maintain the ‘racial balance’.

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