From Hermann in Germany

Hi Friends,

the drum workshop last weekend was very nice. I did it like Kelvin. Just look at Steph’s comment below and you know what I mean. I also chased them by some enchoffements (or something similar .-)). At the end they were a little bit exhausted. But after the official end of the workshop they changed into a jamming session. Wonderful!

I have attached a picture of the drum circle. By the way, Rikki, the two congas in the right edge are my own old congas. They don’t match with the light color one I bought at Swee Lee. But I don’t care. For myself I used the Meinl djembe. And I realy was impressed. It has a very powerfull bass and an excelent slap, too. That was a real good buy!!!

Have a good time and keep drummin’


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