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I could spend so much time editing and uploading stuff on to my web site, but it is also tempting to spend too much money on this sort of thing as well. One thing that I have learned is that there are a large number of free resources out there. There are a lot of other resources that you can pay for as well, and I do for some of the commercial sites that I put together, however for my private use I find that I want to maintain my hobby as cheaply as possible.

One of the big things that attract users to sites is the way they look, and what better way to do that with nice pictures and images to complement your writing?

I have compiled a brief list of resources below, which I will expand on as I find more. Please leave comments with any that you find useful yourself, or let me know if the link doesn’t work any more (as sometimes happens with this fickle thing we call the web).

Please respect any licences and copyright on these sites.

  • FreeFoto.com
    Free images for non-commercial use.
  • Stock.Xchng
    Free stock photography site.
  • FreeStockPhotos.com
    Check out the animals collection. You need to include reference to the freestockphotos.com home page for free use.
  • BigFoto.com
    Free for use if you give credit to author. Check the copyright page for more information.
  • MorgueFile
    Free images – check the morgue file licence information prior to downloading.

NOT FREE, BUT GOOD (reasonably priced)

  • iStockPhoto
    Photos from US$1 to US$30, depending on size and quality.
  • iStockPro
    Cheap and good. They also have a free image of the week for you to download.
  • BigStockPhoto.com
    About US$1-US$2 per photo and a sizeable collection
  • Clipart Collection
    Time-based subscriptions at varying costs.
  • Fotolia [Added 2-Feb-2006]
    Stock Photography – royalty free. US$1 per photo. Some free.
  • Can Stock Photo [Added 4-Feb-2006]
    Either pay per image ($1) or based on time subscription.

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