when there is too much E

I never thought I’d be saying this, but there is such a thing as too much ‘e’.

In the last six months I have gone through four government audits, and they give us discounts on the audit fees if we pay electronically for some of them. That’s great.

Now we are getting notices in the mail that all things government can only be paid over the internet. Initially my reaction was ‘cool’ until i realised how many usernamer and passwords we now have, or need to apply for if we don’t have them.

Dearest has been doing charity work on friday nights lately, and half those people can’t afford electricity, let alone a computer.

These people are having a hard enough time affording the bus to work, and now there is something else that they won’t be able to afford that will make their lives more difficult.

Not very bright, or not very hungry, this bureacratic lot.

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