A weekend with Dad

Was super grateful to spend a Saturday evening with Dad…

We were at the Parramatta Speedway (now the Valvoline Raceway)…

Raceway with Dad

Watching sprint cars go round and round (which was cooler than I thought it would be)… It was a fund raising event for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The Ultimate Sprintcar Championship presented Ultimate Pink Night (note the pink car below – cute!). Women were admitted free of charge!

Sprintcars at Parramatta

Then the electricity failed and they had a blackout for at least 30-40 mins… Maybe longer, as we decided to leave. Bummer for them – the electricity guys were just pulling up as we left. All racing stopped as the drivers couldn’t see where they were going. They continued from what we could hear (the sound carries pretty far) so I’m assuming they got the lights back on – good as it would have been disappointing for a lot of participants and attendees.

No lights - blackout at Parramatta raceway

So we finished the night eating pizza! 🙂

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