Screen hygiene – does your touch screen look like the bottom of a pizza box?

Scotch_brite_cloth.JPGWhen using phones and tablets these days it’s likely that you will touch them with your grubby fingers and smear all sorts of gunk all over them. Why not… I do! 

However, when showing someone the latest cat video that I’ve found, I invariably feel like I’m handing over a pizza box compete with fingerprints and smears… And that’s just embarrassing.

I tried fingerprint resistant screen protectors, but IMO they diminish the impact of the screen. I like the screen to be bright and vivid. That’s the whole point!

I have used those itty bitty cloths that you use for your glasses, but they just don’t seem up to the task. They either end up all messy themselves, or don’t quite have the power to remove a particularly stuck finger print. I am very unwilling to use any sort of chemical or moisture, so what’s a body to do?

I picked up this cloth (pictured – Scotch Brite High Performance Cloth) a while ago, and it’s been so useful. Generally every few days I give my devices a quick wipe over, and they look nice and shiny. I don’t have to scrub, and I think it’s a microfibre of sorts as I don’t have to do much to remove any prints or dirt.

I’m not paid by 3M to post this, it’s just been super-useful and I hope others that have this issue get some inspiration from this post. I’m sure there are other manufacturers out there that provide microfibre cloths… I just know that this works, and works well! 


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