Fitbit Progress… tracking new year’s resolutions

So it’s been a few months since I wrote about my step goal, and that doesn’t mean it’s not progressing. I have very clear goals about making steps a habit, so I aim to take 12 months to achieve it. 

I didn’t do too well in March, but I was organising a conference and spending a lot of time at my desk and on the phone, so I knew my steps would suffer. As such I gave myself permission to not do well. I tried for half the month, and then took the band off until after the conference was over. I didn’t need to beat myself up over missed goals and taking time out to go for a walk just wasn’t an option.


You can see from the table above that I bounced back somewhat with April, and while I may have missed the target average by just under 240 steps per day, I hit above that average 21 out of 30 days.

Also it’s worth noting that I’ve hit 10k steps 5 times since I started this, and 3 of those were in April! And it’s starting to feel good!


This coming month is a bit of a jump, but I’m up for it, now I know that I can consistently hit goals – it’s been 14 days in a row over my daily goal… Awesome!

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