Tracking Fitness [Am I achieving my goals?]


I’ve set some goals for 2014. I’ve been consistently trying to reach them, however I am finding the incremental goals a little tougher to achieve. But having said that, even though I have yet to hit my sub-goals on my way to my master goal (of 8000 daily steps by June, and 10K by the end of the year), my daily averages ARE increasing. And quite substantially as well.

I ended up opting to track my progress in Numbers (the Apple alternative to Excel). The fitbit dashboard gives me some visibility over time, however as I adjust my monthly goals, it makes the previous month look bad. So I tend to just look at daily and weekly progress on my fitbit app (and dashboard), and then look at monthly progress in Numbers. It gets me focused on the incremental improvements.

I’ve gotta say that I love Numbers for two reasons:

  1. So pretty, and I love the interactive charts (the chart on the left above is actually scrollable, and I can look at each month individually using the scroll bar beneath the chart)
  2. Easily updatable on my iPhone or iPad. This is important to me, and it’s pretty seamless in the Apple ecosystem (I’m sure there are equivalents with Google and MS Office, but I’m invested already and it just works)

Hopefully I can keep up this progress. I’ve found a few exercises that register as steps (such as knee lifts and some of the more active exercises in this video – see the fingertip to toe jack, and stutter steps), and found that I can do them in front of the TV while catching a favourite program over lunch, or while listening to music.

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