Getting off the new router treadmill [I hope]

While I can’t say that I don’t like all the new bells and whistles that buying a new router every year brings, but forking out money annually because the old one has over-heated was really starting to get on my nerves. It seems like such a waste.

After doing a bit of homework after our Belkin crapped out, I discovered a few things that contribute to this overheating:

  • Climate – we are on the equator, so the constant heat obviously has a role to play. We don’t like living in air conditioning all the time, which means that our routers are being subjected to 28-32°C almost all the time.
  • Media – streaming videos and music, especially multiple users at a time, can put a strain on the router. Since we introduced the Apple TV and the Bose SoundTouch to the network, we’ve been pushing media around the LAN way more than usual.
  • Location – some parts of our place are warmer than others. Keeping it near the window with the west-facing sun was probably not helping in our case.

I did some research and saw some pretty wild solutions, including cutting the router casing and attaching fans or heat syncs to the router components.

I figured that putting a cooling pad under the router like you would for a laptop might work as well. So here it is:


Almost Immediately, the temperature dropped from almost too hot to touch to just a shade above lukewarm.

I don’t know yet if it’ll work and last beyond the year, but it’s a good start!

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