Getting Fit… a bit at a time!

Recently DH and I were given little devices that strap to our wrists that track our steps. They are not just pedometers, however.

These little devices (called Fitbit) sync with our iPhones and computers and allow us to track sleep, activity and steps. We can use the app to track water consumption, calories, and fitness goals, including weight.

20131125-223333.jpgI must say it’s been an eye-opener how sedentary I’ve become. Doing my PhD often means that I spend extended periods of time reading and writing, slave to the chair in front of my computer. This little bracelet is encouraging my husband and I to avoid this, and through some of the social aspects of the software, even compete with friends. (I’m currently winning) 🙂

20131125-221340.jpgSince starting I’ve increased my steps from 3,000 a day, to about 8,000. I’m aiming for 10,000 and I’m sure I’ll get there… But I’m discovering a few other things about the Fitbit (this model is called Flex). Food logging is a little cumbersome, and I’m used to the variety of pre-entered foods available on MyFitnessPal. Fortunately, Fitbit integrates with this and other platforms, and it does it quite well.

One thing I have learned is that if you don’t sync the Fitbit, the battery lasts longer.

I had charged my Fitbit about 9 days ago (evening). It just ran out of juice yesterday afternoon. I stopped syncing it on Wednesday or Thursday. Before that I was syncing every few hours. I’ve learned how to read the blinking lights so I know where I am relative to my goals.

I think I will try and restrict to syncing 2-3 times per day if I don’t have a charger with me (as opposed to 6-8 times per day). Better for the Fitbit and the battery life.

I’ve lost 1.5 kegs since I’ve had it. I’d be happy if I lost a couple more, and this creates an awareness with the food and exercise logging that looks like it might be habit forming. Good stuff!

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