Mealime + Google Images = Yummy Goodness

I’ve been trying Mealime – a meal planning site that sends you weekly meal plans (recipes and shopping lists) for meals that you can prepare in under 30 minutes. It’s great, although the one thing I find is that I miss the coloured photo showing me how my finished product should look.

Fortunately, Google Images is great for this – copy the recipe title, go to and paste the recipe name in the search box. So far, I’ve bee rewarded for a slew of photos showing me how the product should look:

Google Images for food search

Bonus Round:

Now I know what a scallion is… and adobo sauce… all thanks to Google Image search as well.

(Scallions are what us Aussies call spring onions… and¬†tabasco sauce is an acceptable bottled form of adobo sauce)


Scallion Google Search!


Adobo Sauce Google Image Search

Adobo Sauce Google Image Search



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