“Stamford… Er… I mean Dinner!”

The cat's favourite tinned foodI feed my cats kibbles and tinned food, however Stamford was always particularly partial to the tinned food, and it had become a habit that around 5-6pm most evenings he would come looking for me to nag me with his low, mellow meow that it was time for dinner. If I put dry kibbles in the bowl instead, I would be bestowed a disdainful look that communicated how disappointed he was with me, and that I’d better open that tin quick smart! This routine became so much a part of the day, that I used to call ‘Stamford!’ when ever it was time for eating tinned food – if I beat him to it, or had to go out – and all three of them would come running.

With his passing away, I still have heaps of tinned food, although Tiga and Buster aren’t as fond of it as Stamford was. They do still appreciate it in  small daily doses. I served them the first day and called them and had a slow response to the bowl. Recalling how there used to be a rush to the bowls, even for them, I tried ‘Stamford!’

Ears pricked up and they tore around to the bowls to see what Mummy had put out.


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