My first trip to New Zealand started with Christchurch. We had an amazing trip overall, and NZ is really an amazing and beautiful country. Some shots are included below.

No cruising zone
We saw this sign a lot around the city centre. Apparently there were a lot of boy racers in Christchurch and a law restricting the driving of cars between certain times was passed and these signs were the result. We asked a bartender who, after consulting some patrons filled us in on this. I asked him “you mean like cruising for chicks?” He agreed and said that was the phrase that came to his mind as well.

Hey Homey, at Speights
DH decided that a wardrobe change was necessary and this was the direction he wanted to take it in. Fortunately this was the first and last time this particular combination made an appearance during the trip.


DH with a colleague (Richard) in front of Speights Ale House in Christchurch. I rather liked some of their brews, and the quiz night was a lot of fun!

Christchurch Red Zone
We did a really informative Red Bus Red Zone tour and while it was interesting, it was depressing and concerning how much damage there was. After feeling a tremor the previous day, and seeing the damage at Redcliffe and Sumner, to see the damage to the city centre and have it all explained in full detail was a sombering experience. Churches seemed to bear most of it, as indicated by the photos below.


Rebuilding with Re:START – Christchurch’s Container Mall
Before leaving Christchurch for Auckland, we had lunch and checked out the container mall – an alternate site for the retail stores forced to relocate because of the earthquake and built almost entirely of containers (with the exception of some of Ballytines).


L&P – a kiwi original
We discovered this refreshing beverage which became a bit if a staple for the rest of our trip. Yum!

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