Is 3G a con? No speed, no bandwidth, no accountability from providers

Is it just me, or are the speeds on 3G totally not anywhere near close to what any provider promises? Even recently, Singtel has been highlighted as having poorer than average speeds in the world.

Despite being a major Asian business centre with a tech-savvy image, Singapore is among the countries with the slowest mobile Internet speeds, according to checks by Google (GOOG.O).

Using a mobile device, a typical page takes an average of 12 seconds to load in Singapore, Google data shows.

Source: Reuters

Even the Singapore wifi (Wireless@SG) seems overtaxed.

I pay a decent price for 3G, and am promised varying speeds as per their website:

StarHub’s 3.5G/HSPA network currently supports download speeds of up to 21Mbps(Typical download speed range – 0.6~6.6Mbps), and upload speeds of up to 5.76Mbps.

Lately I am getting ‘Safari cannot load the page you requested’ more often than not. 🙁

When I’m in Australia, Optus works ok in Sydney and Parramatta, but head down to Wollongong and its a similar situation – ‘Safari cannot load the page you requested’.

How come telcos can renege on service levels, but if I miss a payment by a few days I get hassled?

Update: I’ve given Optus the boot on one of my lines and switched to Telstra prepaid to see if it gets any better. Let’s see how it goes!

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