Taxi Driver + Fence = Injured Cat

On Wednesday there was a massive crash outside our apartment block. A taxi drove out of the basement car park, accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, and ended up launching himself into our fence (between our property and the next).

Taxi driver + fence

When I heard the crash, I looked out the window and saw this new parking style, threw on some clothes and then started to head out to see if anyone was hurt. Upon getting to our apartment front door, I find Stamford (our cat – Stammy) on the other side of the door, wanting to be let in.

At this point my thoughts were:

  1. How did he get out?
  2. Must have slipped out when Raymon left for the office
  3. I hope the taxi didn’t hit the fence because he was trying to avoid hitting Stammy!
  4. Oh well, he’s back now…

And then I let him in.

No one was hurt (thankfully), so I called the managing agent for the property, waited until she arrived, and then went back to our apartment.

After a few moments back home, I realised I hadn’t seen Stammy for a while (usually they all greet me when I return home – in some fashion). I went looking for him and found him hiding under our bed. I pulled him out and realised that his face was cut and his tongue was sticking out funny.


It seems that when the taxi went flying in to the fence, Stammy was startled and leapt in to the air, and then fell in to the basement carpark (2.5 storeys down). We took him to the vet, and he has a bruised liver, and a broken mandible (jaw).

It looks like they are going to have to glue his teeth together for a month so that his jaw can set, and we’re going to have to syringe feed him through a tube in his neck. How miserable (for him and for us!).

Update: They’ve done it – His incisors have been glued together to immobilise his broken jaw. He has a feeding tube and will be on a liquid diet for 6 weeks while his jaw heals.

We’ve managed to give Stamford a drink of water through his tube. He’s getting used to being back home and is drooling under the bed. Duties include: wiping his chin every hour, giving him water every 1-2 hours. Feeding him 3-4 times a day, antibiotics twice a day, and daily liver medication for the rest of his life. **sigh**

I’ve also managed to give him a small feeding. I think I got a bit of air in the tube as he looked a bit bloated. He’s over it now and is very sooky, wanting to be patted constantly, trying very hard to look pathetic.

Someone needs to show him how to use the bungee properly next time!!!! 🙁

Stamford coming home from the vet – feeling sore and sorry for himself

He’s now hiding under the bed in an old box we’ve set up for him. It’s easier to feed him that way – pull the box out, feed, and then push him back in again!

Stamford sleeping under the bed

Stamford’s Breakfast – YUM!

Update (26.Jul.2012): Last night I accidentally got a small bubble in Stammy’s feeding tube, and it caused him to have a little vomit of some water… maybe 2ml of water. We discovered this morning that his jaw was moving (bad for a broken jaw). OMG!!! It looked like he had ripped his top teeth out of his gums! It was horrible!!! I flew into the shower and bundled him off to the vet, crying… 🙁 Dearest was crying as well… Thinking about how much this was going to cost!

We got him to the vet and fortunately (if “fortunately” can be used for any of this) it seems during the vomit he managed to break apart the bonding that was holding his teeth together. The bonding was ripped off in a fashion that it looked like he’d removed the whole tooth… but the vet was able to get her hand into his mouth and see if there was any damage – fortunately the teeth were both still there, hiding behind the ripped bonding material in his mouth.

I started crying again… with relief this time. Could you imagine ripping your teeth out while vomiting?? Ick!

Anyways, it seems that it hurt a great deal anyway, because what was becoming a calm routine for Stammy and I has now become a battle at feeding time. I have to slide under the bed to feed him. He’s dead scared of the syringes now. I feel terrible – it was a bubble that I didn’t see until it was disappearing into his neck (too late to suck it back out). I had hoped that he would just burp it out like the other day… 🙁

I love this cat, but this whole situation is draining.

We now have to wait for the vet to borrow the bonding stuff from their dentist friends (they use tooth filling cement to stick his teeth together) so he has a wayward jaw until Sunday.

Stamford hiding from me. Sad.

Update (9.Oct.2012): Stammy’s jaw was unstuck, and he is eating well. He still dribbles occasionally, but it’s less than it was and it seems to have healed well. Crap I hope he doesn’t do this again!

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2 Responses

  1. tera flop says:

    Poor thing, looks like he’s on a pension.

  2. Joanna says:

    Oh Steph. These updates break my heart. You are very strong, and are doing such a great job. Stammy is lucky to have you.