How do I connect my iPad to my TV?

I get requests from friends and family quite often. This one from my SIL might be useful to others:
I've just discovered ABC iView for the iPad - there's heaps we both watch, so it would be better on the TV.
Dear SIL,
I use a VGA adapter and cable. This has the same output as a computer monitor. Check if your TV has a computer monitor port.
You’ll need:
  • Sound cable (or I use bluetooth to send the sound to our stereo)
  • VGA Adapter
  • VGA Cable (like a monitor cable)

If your TV doesn’t have a monitor cable socket, then you can use the RGB composite cables, but I’ve had some poor experiences with the copy cables – get the real ones. I know they’re more expensive, but they work.

I think you will still need a sound cable as well. This looks like a headphone jack cable, but has the same thing on both ends, and runs from your ipad headphone jack to the sound input on your TV (or stereo).
Cables are generally a better solution that over-the-air, as you sometimes get a lag between the audio and video.

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  1. The SIL in question says:

    Havent checked this for ages. Stoked I made the blog, and am officially a FAQ. Permission to put on resume?