Western Digital (WD) MyBookWorld Failure

MyBookWorld Network Storage

Backup drives fail – eventually. We’ve had our WD My Book World for 4 years and it’s been a great device for backing up files around the office.

When this one failed where it wouldn’t power up or mount over the network, I had to pull it apart.

Thank goodness I had a hard drive dock (see image below), my Mac and access to this web page: Mounting Linux (ext2/ext3) partitions under Mac OS X. The fourth petition has all the data, which is quietly backing up now.


Important Note: I found out that one of the staff had been using the network drive as his primary storage area. He didn’t have a local copy of anything! This is not how a network drive should be used, in my opinion. For SMEs, I recommend that staff keep a copy of files on their desktop/laptop, and backup to the network drive, so that there are a minimum of 2 copies of files at any one time.

Hard drive docking station

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